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Navy Strength

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For a stronger rum, try our award-winning Navy Strength, bottled at a formidable 54.5 percent ABV. 

Recently named ‘Master’ in the white overproof category of the Rum & Cachaca Masters 2021 Competition, our top-of-its-class white is a potent yet gloriously smooth tropical rum which makes the perfect base for numerous cocktails. 

A pure, unaged blend of traditional Coffey column still rum from Jamaica, married with a high-ester pot still rum from one of the most revered distilleries in Barbados, Navy Strength is a punchy unaged rum with the natural sweetness of molasses. 

Pure and unadulterated with absolutely no sugar or colouring added post distillation, it’s also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

54.5%, 70cl

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