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Raspberry and Hibiscus Cotswold Gin

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The Boutique Distillery’s Pink Raspberry & Hibiscus Cotswold Gin is made wholly by us in our small craft distillery using Organic grain spirit infused with 14 of our sustainably sourced botanicals including fresh English raspberries from the farm down the road and pure Malvern Spring water.

This is not a sweetened gin… we simply rely on the sugars from our fresh raspberries to do the talking and the tartness of the hibiscus flowers to tone it down a tad.

Our gin is very clean and fresh with characters of Juniper, Raspberry, Hibiscus, New Zealand Fijoa, Coriander and a hint of Cardamom on the nose. We craft our fine gin through vapour distillation in a one of a kind copper still that I built from scratch, who is named Ginavive and runs on 100% renewable energy. She is responsible for the stunning flavours of our gin, before we temper our tipple to a very sip-able 45%abv using only local Malvern Hills spring water, which we go and retrieve ourselves in “Wilfred” the VW Camper van.

We produce only around 80 - 100 bottles at a time in our small barn in Gloucestershire, all of which are hand batch and bottle numbered before being sealed in hot wax.

You can enjoy our gin with your favourite tonic and garnish with either citrus, cucumber, raspberries or hibiscus flowers. Our fine gin is smooth and delicate enough to be sipped neat with ice and yet bold enough to stand up to any mixer or cocktail.

Our perfect serve is with 50ml Pink Raspberry & Hibiscus Gin, 100ml Indian Tonic water, Ice and garnished with fresh raspberries and a sprig of fresh garden mint. It’s AMAZING!

45%, 50cl Bottle

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