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Silver Moon

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Our white rum comes straight from the epicentre of rum, the beautiful Caribbean islands of Jamaica and Barbados. 

A pure, unaged blend of traditional Coffey column still rum from one of Jamaica’s most famous distilleries, married with a high-ester pot still rum from Barbados, Silver Moon is a light bodied yet flavour-packed rum with the natural sweetness of molasses. Try it with tonic for a great G&T alternative! 

The name Silver Moon refers to the night-time hatchings that take place on Caribbean beaches from May to September.   After emerging from the sand the baby sea turtles follow the light of the moon to find their way to the sea.

Silver Moon is pure and unadulterated with absolutely no sugar or colouring added post distillation.  It’s also vegan friendly and gluten free.

40%, 50cl Bottle

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